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1jan - 4apr12:00 amapr 4- 12:00 pmBLDSA 30 Minute Swim Challenge30 Minute Swim Challenge


Event Details

British Long Distance Swimming Association 30 Minute Swim Challenge 2022

30 minute swim challenge

A bulk entry form for 15 or more swimmers is available by emailing the swim secretary at bldsaonehourchallenge@gmail.com and requesting either an individual or team entry form. You will then complete the form in EXCL and upload it back to use with your payment and club details using the bulk entry button above.

PLEASE NOTE to use this you must keep the format of the provided form in exactly the same way as you get it. Any alterations – including pretty colours or fancy text will void the form. This is because it has to be added to the online generated forms for our results to be compiled. Any void forms will just be deleted and you will have to re submit.

YOU MUST CONTACT bldsaonehourchallenge@gmail.com for instructions and the form regarding the bulk form entry.

Welcome to the BLDSA 30 Minute Swim Challenge 2022.

Prices for entry are as follows

UK Individual £5.50    UK Team Entry £5.50

International Individual £7.00    International Team Entry £7.00

The Swim

The objective of the swim is for individual swimmers to achieve the greatest possible distance within the event they choose. The swim must be completed between 1st January and 31st March 2022. The incoming results will be listed in order of the distance completed, in the individual age categories as detailed below.

Badges & Medals

Every entrant will receive a souvenir BLDSA Swim Challenge embroidered badge as a memento of having taken part in the swim.

The first 3 swimmers in each age category will receive Bronze, Silver or Gold medals respectively.

In the team swim, members of the first three teams in each category will receive BLDSA  Bronze, Silver or Gold medals.


You may use any swimming pool 20 meters in length, or longer. Entries must be in complete numbers of metres – no decimal places accepted.

All results will be in metres.


Entry will be accepted from any swimmer, you do not need to be a member of a club, with age groups from under 10s to over 85s. Entries can only be accepted online and accompanied by the correct entry fee.

Individual Categories (Men & Women)

Under 10s         10-11 yrs           12-13 yrs           14-15 yrs           16-17 yrs           18-19 yrs

20-24 yrs           25-29 yrs         30-34 yrs          35-39 yrs          40-44yrs           45-49 yrs

50-54 yrs           55-59 yrs           60-64 yrs         65-69 yrs         70-74 yrs           75-79 yrs

80-84 yrs           85 yrs +


Team Categories

Under 10s         10-11 yrs           12-13 yrs           14-15 yrs           16-17 yrs           18-19 yrs

20 – 24 years    25yrs +             35yrs +             45yrs +             55yrs +             65yrs +


A team must consist of 3 swimmers of the same sex. Teams can be groups of swimmers from the same club or can enter as “unattached”. Individual swimmers may enter one team in this competition per individual entry made.

To enter the team event, all swimmers must have already entered the individual event.

For the under 10’s, 10-11 years, 12-13 years, 14-15 years, 16–17 years and 18–19 years age groups, each swimmer must be that age or under.

For all other teams, the youngest member will determine which category the team is in, and all swimmers must be older than that category.

All age categories are calculated on ages at 1st January, in the year of the swim.

For disabled entrants, categories of disability are as follows:

H1. Ambulant: those with a predominantly physical disability

H2. Wheelchair: those who spend most of their time in a wheelchair

H3. Non-physical: those with a non-physical disability, ie. mental or sensory disability



Swimmers may provide their own ‘human’ counter who can act as timekeeper and starter. If using a human counter, this must be a responsible person. Alternatively, smart watches may be used as the ‘official counter’.

Entry For More Than One Event

This is quite acceptable, provided 2 entries are completed and two entry fees are paid.

Closing Date

All entries must be made online no later than 1st April 2022.

Results will be posted as soon as possible after the closing date.  Medals and badges will, likewise, be posted out to entrants at the earliest opportunity.


Caroline Lewis

One Hour Swim Challenge Secretary


30min Swim Challenge Individual Form                                             30min Swim Challenge Team Form




Bulk INDIVIDUAL Entry Form Submission/PaymentThis is for club INDIVIDUAL bulk submission & payment only 30 mins challenge                                 Bulk TEAMS Entry Form Submission/PaymentThis is for club TEAMS bulk submission & payment only 30 mins challenge


January 1 (Saturday) 12:00 am - April 4 (Monday) 12:00 pm

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