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15junAll DayBLDSA Champion of Champions (South) Dover Harbour5/ 3/ 1 Miles, Senior/Juniors, Freestyle


Event Details


One of our toughest swims on the calendar, but not for the total distance (9 miles). You will swim each of the three events (Non-wetsuit only), but with an interval between each swim and the challenge is not getting too cold swim to swim and being able to complete the 3 events.

This year we are also allowing entrants for the individual mile events i.e. 5 mile, 3 mile, 1 mile. Please see the options in the product list.

Entries Open 1st November 2024

Entries closed for this year. Please join us next year.

The Event

The senior Champion of Champions events will consist of three swims – over 10 laps, 6 laps and 2 laps of a designated course in Dover Harbour. Each lap will be 1/2 mile – the course being set using GPS. All competitors can either enter all 3 events or join single distances.

To complete the full Champion of Champions event, competitors must complete all three swims and the Championship will be decided on the basis of the lowest aggregate times

In order for competitors to complete the full Champion of Champions event, they must complete each individual event before the designated time for the start of the next element

Water Temperature for this weekend of the year has averaged 14.3 degrees Celsius over the last 10 years. The event has taken place in lower temperatures (12 degrees in 2013) so make sure you are prepared. Come with a buddy for support, make sure you have lots of hot drinks plus nourishment you can access between swims. A small tent is advisable to keep you away from the elements between swims.

Age Categories

Seniors & Juniors

  • Only open to BLDSA members and this is a NON-WETSUIT event.
  • All three events = £100 Seniors, £20 Juniors
  • 5 Mile = £60
  • 3 Mile = £35
  • 1 Mile = £15
  • Juniors MUST have a Parent or Guardian present AT ALL TIMES during the events.


Report to the Swim Secretary upon arrival at the Start site at ‘Swimmers Beach’ (on the beach opposite Cinque Ports Yacht Club) from 8am.


Please Note, attendance of the briefing is mandatory – failure to attend this will void your entry. This will be held on the beach.
5mile swim @ 8.45am
3mile swim @ 1:15pm
1mile swim @ 4:15pm


5 mile swim – 9:15am
3 mile swim – 1:30pm
1 mile swim – 4:30pm

(Note that times will be subject to change)


Will be around 3 buoys spaced out in approximately a triangle which will be set within the broader designated swimming area of Dover Harbour. This is clearly marked out by yellow buoys. Swimmers must pass outside each of the buoys on each circuit in a clockwise direction. Each time a swimmer passes the start point at the completion of each lap, they must clearly give his/her number to the Lap Recorders who will be in the lap counting boat. The start, finish and more details of the course will be outlined at the briefing.

Time limits

BE AWARE there will be time limits as follows – this is to protect YOUR safety and to ensure the smooth running of the swim:
5 mile swim – 4 hours, 3 mile swim – 2 1/2 hours, 1 mile swim – 50 mins (The slowest finisher easily completed within these time frames in recent years)

Non UK Residents

Non UK Residents must provide evidence of membership of their governing body or individual insurance for Open Water Swimming.


Swimmers Beach (where the Channel Swimmers usually train) on the beach opposite from the Cinque Ports Yacht Club on the Esplanade

You will need to ‘Pay and Display’ about £8.00 all day on the sea front. Other car parks are available near by. Most sea front hotels offer free parking. More details on Parking are available at Dover Council website.

Emergency Safety Cover

Safety cover will be provided by ca. 8-10 canoeist lifeguards, and by the BLDSA rescue boats. Given the difficulty in ensuring sufficient canoe cover, swimmers are encouraged to bring their own canoeists if possible.


The presentation will take place on the beach at approximately 6:00pm.

Certificates will be awarded to all swimmers completing the full Champion of Champions event.

Certificates will also be presented to all competitors finishing individual races.

General Information

The Championship will be held in the recreational area of the harbour. Nevertheless, it will be a very demanding swim and the following points should be taken into account before entering:

* The swim is early in the season and water temperatures can often still be cold. In 2013 the temperature was 12 degrees Celsius and in 2014 the temperature was 15 degrees Celsius. The average over the last 10 years during this weekend in Dover is 14.3 degrees. Do not fool yourself by training in 20+ degree conditions thinking that will be the same!

* The harbour is the largest man made harbour in the UK and can be influenced by wind and swell out side the protective breakwaters.

* The harbour is also subject to tidal flow (The swim course is in a low flow area and parallel to the swim).
Serious training is needed before attempting an open water of this magnitude, nevertheless all the above will add to the enjoyment of the swim and I encourage you to enter.

All persons are advised to report any incidents, including near misses, to a nominated person who shall be named at the championship briefing meeting.

The BLDSA has in place Anti-Bullying and Child/ Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Policies. Copies of which may be obtained from the BLDSA Safeguarding Officer.
Any person associated with the swim is expected to pay any car park charges that may be due from the parking of their vehicle.


Try the nearest Premier Inn on the Esplanade or go to www.booking.com


All Day (Saturday)


Port of Dover

Harbour House, Marine Parade, Dover, Kent CT17 9BU


Philip Hodgescocdover2023@gmail.com 07967226536

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