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10aug - 11aug 107:00 amaug 11BLDSA NORTH LAKES CHALLENGE7 Miles and 5 Miles Freestyle/Breaststroke.


Event Details

ULLSWATER Saturday August 10th 2024

DERWENTWATER Sunday August 11th 2024


Why not make a weekend of it by entering the North Lakes Challenge and participating in both the Ullswater swim on the Saturday and the Derwentwater on the Sunday.  This can be completed as a solo swimmer or as a duo swapping role of swimmer and paddler on the second day. Additional certificates will be awarded for completion of this challenge.

Ullswater is the second longest body of water in the Lake District, at 7 miles long Ullswater is often deemed the most beautiful.  The ribbon lake nestles within the foothills of the Helvellyn and High Street ranges, leading to chillier temperatures and bumpier waters as the wind channels down the valley.  

With this in mind, Ullswater can be considered one of the toughest Lake District swims, with stunning views along the entire length of the course.


ULLSWATER, Saturday August 10th 2024


The swim of 7 miles begin at the southern end of the body of water at Glenridding pier and concludes close to the source of the River Eamont and Lakeland boat hire, in Pooley Bridge.  Advice regarding parking will be issued following entry to the event.

You will need to make your own arrangements for picking up vehicles left at the start of the swim in Glenridding.

Swimmers must provide their own Kayak and paddler for support on the water.  See Boat Crews requirements on the BLDSA website.

Water Temperatures:  Ullswater is a considered one of the chillier swims usually sitting below 16˚c.

Presentation: After the swim, join us in celebrating by friendly presentation in a local cosy pub in Pooley Bridge.  Certificates will be awarded to all swimmers completing the event alongside keepsakes to the winners of the Ladies and Gents Championship and winners of the boys and girls Junior Championship. 


Championship entry will require BLDSA membership and be non-wetsuit; veterans/ seniors & juniors

Juniors MUST have a Parent or Guardian present AT ALL TIMES during the events.

There will be a number of spaces allocated to a wetsuit category.  All event rules will remain the same, other than swimwear and competing in a separate wetsuit class. 

All swimmers must provide their own kayak and paddler support in the water.


Both swimmer and kayaker report to the Swim Secretary upon arrival at Glenridding Steamer Car Park from 7.45am 


Please Note, attendance to the briefing is mandatory for both the swimmer and kayaker – failure to attend this will void your entry.


1st Wave @ 8.30am
2nd Wave @ 9.30am

(Note that times may be subject to change)

FINISH Pooley Bridge near the boat hire

Cut off time 6 hours


There is a wide variety of accommodation to choose from should you wish to stay in this stunning location, from campsites to welcoming B&B’s.  A simple google search will pull up a number of options.

Kayak Support

Swimmers must have a kayak escorting them for this event, the kayaker should be experienced in rough waters and head wind conditions.

Advice to Kayakers download

Michelle Hardy

Swim Secretary


DERWENTWATER, Sunday August 11th 2024


Derwentwater nestles under Cat Bells with Borrowdale at the southern end. The river Derwent comes into the water here adding a refreshing surprise during the longer triangular swim of 5 miles.

The start for the 5 mile swim, is from the Keswick Launch piers, to the south end of the body of water then east towards Kettlewell beach and back to the piers.


Swimmers for both events need to provide their own Kayak and paddler.

Briefing for swim is on the beach by the Launch piers near the Theatre by the Lake, Keswick. There is ample parking.

Presentations will be held on the beach after the last swimmers have completed.


Championship entry will require BLDSA membership and is for non-wetsuit swimmers in traditional costumes.

5.00 mile triangular swim seniors / veterans and juniors.

Juniors must have a parent or guardian present at all times during the events.

There will be open category places for both swims, where wetsuits or non-traditional costumes are allowed. If you are a BLDSA member prices are the same.


8.30 am at Keswick Launch Piers.

Briefing for swim 9am. Kayakers must register and attend the briefing.

5.00 mile swim starts at 9.30am.

Finish at the beach near Keswick Launch piers.

Cut off times 5.5 hours.


There are campsites, a YHA and B&Bs in Keswick.

Kayak Support

Swimmers must have a kayak escorting them for this event, the kayaker should be experienced in rough waters and head wind conditions.

Advice to Kayakers download

Swim Secretary

Annie Stafford

Tel 01257 268946

Mob 07768132622



Entries Open 1st November 2023

BLDSA Member North Lakes Challenge EntryThis is for BLDSA MEMBERS ONLY NON Member North Lakes Challenge EntryThis is for NON MEMBERS ONLY


10 (Saturday) 7:00 am - 11 (Sunday) 4:00 pm


Annie Staffordtel: 01257268946 Email:

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